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All draw games carry a QUICK PICK option which is a random selection of numbers by the terminal.

The SNL Random Number Generator creates also a completely random set of numbers and/or letters for each game.

Where to Buy Island Wide

With the Agent Locator tool find around the Island, places where you can play our games.


Win! Win! Win!

Let's talk about how you can win this weekend!

Super 6 is on TODAY! $400,000 could be all yours with just one ticket! Remember draw sales closes at 11:45am and the draw is at 1:30pm.

Power Up your Saturday with $131,300 with Power play!

Lucky 3 just got even better with Multi X! Remember to add Multi X to all your Lucky 3 plays and win up to 5 times the prize.

Or Try your luck on Big 4 with Multi X, Tic Tac Toe, Double Daily Grand, 1 Off, Pick 2 with Multi X and Scratch!

Have a great Weekend! :)

Lucky 3 Now With Multi X

By now you should have heard the exciting news!

Yes, that's right you can now purchase Multi X on Lucky 3!

Win up to 5 times your Lucky 3 prize all day long!

Imagine how wonderful your Christmas could be when you win so much more on Lucky 3!

If you missed it this morning, don't threat you still have the opportunity to do so in time for the midday and evening draws!

Add Multi X on your Lucky 3 Play TODAY! Available on our online site also at

Good Luck:)

Jackpot Is $340,000

Last call to win yourself over $300,000 with Super 6.

Today is the day! Get your tickets for your chance to win!

$340,000>>>>>> $340,000>>>>>>$340,000 is a life changing jackpot!

Sales close at 11:45am and the draw is at 1:30pm.

Good Luck:)

Over $120,000 Could Be Yours!

Today's the day you're going to make it happen! Power Play is on with over $120,000 up for grabs!

Think about all the things you can achieve with that pay out! Thinking? Well think no longer, go out and get your tickets or better yet stay in and log onto our online platform at and play from the comfort of your home!

$122,100>>>>>>$122,100>>>>> is waiting to be won by YOU!

Good Luck:)

Thank SNL It's Tuesday!

Rise and Shine,

Only the early bird catches the worm!

So get up and get going because TODAY you can win $330,000 with Super 6!

That's right $330,000 is the pot all for the taking today!

What are you waiting for? Go get your tickets as sales close at 11:45am and the draw is at 1pm!

PS. visit for your tickets!

Good Luck:)

Last Chance To Win over $300,000!

Rise and Shine! You can't sleep any longer. Only a few minutes left for your chance to win with Super 6!

$320,000>>>>>>$320,000>>>>>>$320,000>>> could be all yours this morning. Draw is at 1:30pm and sales close at 11:45am!

Hurry get your tickets NOW!

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Happy Friday!:)

Happy Power Up Wednesday!

Another day, Another opportunity to capture a top prize of over $100,000!

Power Play is on today and you can win huge!

$116,100>>>>>>>$116,100>>>>>>$116,100>>>>>can change your life, just choose 4 numbers from 1-30 and a power pick number from 1-5 and you're in.

try its the new deal, get online TODAY!

Good Luck:)

Super 6 Big Pot of $310,000!

Guess what day it is! Yup Super 6 Tuesday!

$310,000 is the jackpot to make your dreams a reality!

Get your tickets TODAY...Right NOW because the draw is at 1:30pm and sales close at 11:45am.

The time is fast approaching so what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets!

Remember you can play online

Good Luck:)

The Super 6 Tuesday We All Love is BACK!

Thank SNL It's Tuesday!

$290,000 is the pot for taking TODAY! Let me remind you that the draw closes at 11:45am and the draw is at midday.

Only a few hours left for your chance to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WIN $290,000!

Visit your favorite agent safely, or be smart and get your tickets online TODAY at!


Good Luck:)

$280,000 Could Be Yours TODAY!

Hey Player,

Happy FriYAY! The race to the jackpot is on! You don't want to miss this!

$280,000 is at the finish line waiting to be won by YOU! Draw closes at 11:45am and will be aired at 1:30pm.

Can't say I didn't warn you. The race is on! Get your tickets NOW!

For easier access and convenience. play online today at

Good Luck:)

Win $1000 All Day TODAY

Hey Player,

Today ONLY! Spend $4 on Power Play for a chance to win $1,000 cash prizes instantly all day long!

In addition you can walk away with the top prize of $103,600 TODAY!

Who knows! It may just be YOU!

Take a chance today and Power Your Play and enjoy $1,000 cash prizes!

You Got The Power!

$270,000 Reasons!

Good day,

It's Tuesday the first best day of the WEEK! Why?

SUPER 6 is ON TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! $270,000 reasons why you should get your tickets before 11:45am!

Play online or safely visit your fav lottery agent for your tickets.

Miss it and blame only YOU!

Please note our Retail office on Coral Street is closed this morning and will resume operations at midday. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Good Luck:)

JACKPOT IS $260, 000

The Super 6 jackpot is $260,000 and TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! is the draw, at midday. Remember you have until 11:45am to get your tickets.

You can play anywhere, anytime, just register to play online and never miss a draw again!

Good Luck:)

Super 6 is on TODAY!

Hey you,

Don't scroll passed....

The Super 6 jackpot is $250,000 TODAY! TODAY! TODAY!

Only a few hours left to get your tickets. Hurry! You can't afford to miss this!

Draw closes at 11:45am and the broadcast is at 1:30pm.

Register to play online.

Good Luck:)

Stay Informed!

Hello Player,

Guess what! Evening draws on Saturdays are back commencing tomorrow Saturday 16th October until further notice. Draw closure is at 4:55pm with the broadcast at 5pm.

Remember Super 6 is on today at 1:30pm with draw closure at 11:45pm! $240,000 reasons why you should get your tickets Now!

Log onto for quicker and easier access to getting your lottery tickets online!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Have you Played!

Have you purchased your Super 6 tickets?

Super 6 draw is today at midday. Remember you have until 11:45am to purchase your tickets. The jackpot is $220, 000.

You can purchase online or at any lottery agent. Good luck players.

Have you played?

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